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I am a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner and wellbeing coach accredited by the EMCC.  I also hold a masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.  Prior to launching the Optimal Performance Coach I spent 13 years working within the hospitality and recruitment sectors in Human Resource Management positions and specialised in employee engagement and wellbeing in teams.  My experience has enabled me to tailor my programmes by combining the science of Positive Psychology with my experience in dealing with the challenges of wellbeing, engagement and retention at an organisational level, to support teams in the journey from functioning to flourishing.

We also work in partnership with organisations to design and deliver bespoke solutions using Positive Psychology scales and tools that are a right fit for your organisation.  If you would like to discuss how our solutions can help you transform from a functioning to flourishing organisation please use the contact us form or email emma@theoptimalperformancecoach.com

Masterclass in Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is defined as ‘the flexible capacity to utilize resources and skills to psychologically adapt to internal and external challenges in order to enable optimal human functioning.’ (Robinson et al 2011)

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world and we need to build and strengthen our mental fitness in order to flourish and navigate our everchanging landscape.

In the same way as individuals we build and strengthen our physical fitness to prevent illness, we now should do the same for our Mental Fitness. This 2 hour Mental Fitness masterclass will introduce 5 specific areas to focus on to build your mental fitness, these are
·Endurance, flexibility, support team, acceptance and strengths.

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Masterclass in Character Strengths and Teams

Did you know that employees who know their strengths and get to use them at work are:
-6 times more likely to be engaged in their work and therefore more likely to stay in the role.
-3 times more likely to report an excellent quality of life.
-Show on average a 7.8% increase in productivity levels.

This 2 hour masterclass has been designed to suit team members of all levels and provides an opportunity for participants to understand what character strengths are, how character strengths can be used as a pathway to flourishing in life.

In addition it will allow them an opportunity to complete a teams strengths matrix to identify strengths as a team and any blind spots.  Finally participants will become aware of how they could increase the use of their strengths to improve their engagement and ultimately their overall wellbeing in life.

Target Audience:

The masterclass is best suited for teams or small organisations that interact and work together on a daily basis.

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Building Resilience using your HERO within.

This two hour workshop is focused on building resilience in your team members through the development of Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and is suitable for participants of all levels.
PsyCap is the combination of the following set of psychological traits:
-Hope- Setting goals, persevering towards them, and where necessary redirecting paths to goals in order to succeed.
-Efficacy- Having confidence to take on and put the necessary effort to succeed at challenging tasks.
-Resilience- When problems and adversity occur being able to not only sustain but bounce back and beyond.
-Optimism – Making a positive attribution about succeeding now and in the future.
Employees who can develop higher PsyCap levels are not only more resilient to the challenges of life and workplace challenges, but they can perform better, are more engaged and display positive workplace attitudes and behaviours. Building employee levels of PsyCap not only creates a buffer against stress but can reduce levels of stress and protect employees mental health in these challenging times

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Recharge wellbeing workshop

This 2 hour RECHARGE workshop has been specially designed to suit employees of all levels within organisations.
Not only have your teams experienced the challenges of the pandemic but are continuing to adapt to workplace changes created by what is now a Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of work.
RECHARGE is a Positive Psychology wellbeing workshop, based on the PERMA model of wellbeing which presents an overview of the following areas:
-Positive Emotions.
-Meaning and Purpose.
-Accomplishment and Goal Setting

Participants will take away practical knowledge of how they can apply the building blocks of wellbeing to their own lives.

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