Reflect and Reset 2022

Reflective goal setting workshop, taking place on Wednesday 7th December @ 7pm

Hi I’m Emma Lynch, I am a Career and Life Transition Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner and wellbeing Facilitator.

I support individuals through 1-1 coaching and workshops to find the clarity, direction and goals that they need to flourish in their careers and life.

Join me on Wednesday 7th December between 7 &8pm for Reflect and Reset 2022.  During this free workshop you will experience using some creative tools from Positive Psychology which can support you to:

– Recognise and celebrate everything that you have achieved in 2022 professionally and personally.  This builds your confidence and belief in your ability to achieve the goals that you would like to set and achieve in 2023.
– Reflect on some of the challenges that you may have encountered and to recognise what you have learned from them.
-Experience a guided goal setting session, giving you an opportunity to set some realistic goals and plan for what success in 2023 looks like for you.

You will come away from this workshop having experienced some of the practical models and tools based on positive psychology that will help build your confidence and set you up for success in 2023

I want to register to attend this reflective workshop on Wednesday 7th December 2023