Are you a small business owner who wants to create a flourishing business in 2022. This programme will help you focus on your goals for your business as well as building awareness of your values, strengths and levels of hopes and optimism.

This Recharge session is for you if you
1) Work alone and find yourself with lots of ideas in your head but struggle to get them out of your head and onto paper to make them a reality.
2) Feel like you are working really hard but wondering if anyone is listening
3) You are tired of encountering the same challenges and wondering if you are progressing your business.
4) Finding that the continued challenges of the Pandemic have impacted on your levels of Resilience, Hope, Optimism and confidence.

2.5 hour session (Includes a pre-session work pack that includes guided positive psychology interventions, an action plan created by you and emailed to you after the session, 1 *15 minute accountability call 1 month after the session, follow up email support)