Flourishing Life, Part 1 – finding your meaning and purpose


An on demand practical workshop designed to help you design a flourishing life, full of meaning and purpose.

This course is for you if:
1) You feel stuck, and that life is about simply getting through the week.
2) You are more interested in the weekends and holidays than the work you do during the week.
3) You feel like you are lacking goals and direction.
4) You feel a bit like you have no purpose in your life, but you have a sense and believe you are capable of more.
5) You had goals and dreams that have been directly impacted by the lockdown restrictions.

This course will help you identify:
– Why meaning and purpose is crucial to your wellbeing.
– What a life with a meaning and purpose means to you, and how to create it.
– The differences between job, career and calling.
– How to craft your life to find more meaning and purpose.
– How to apply personal approaches and skills to make the changes you identify and that you stay on track with these changes.
– How to find more meaning and purpose in the role that you are currently in.

(This course includes a blended learning approach of on demand workshops and self-directed discovery work with an average total commitment time of 5-6 hours. The price includes email support and access to the flourishing life Facebook group.

Course commences on Wednesday 12th Jan 2022 and all course notes and video content will be emailed and available to access from the 12th Jan 2022.)