What We offer

Why join a group coaching programme?

  1. Its a space for you to reflect and think creatively on where you are now, the challenges you are facing and what you need to do for the future.
  2. Its an opportunity for you to feel the value of connections and diversity in a space where you do not feel alone, which can so often be the case.
  3.  Its an opportunity for you to increase your self awareness and courage in a safe environment.
  4. Its an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and understand different perspectives.
  5. Finally joining a group coaching programme could ignite the change that you are seeking through the support and encouragement of the group around you.

Group Coaching Programme for HR Professionals

Doors currently closed and will reopen in spring 2023

Are you a HR professional who would like to work through some of the following areas?:
1) Identifying how you can progress your career in HR.
2) Feeling like you are not having as big an impact in an area as you would like. Or that you are experiencing challenges within your organisation to make the changes that you would like.
3) Feeling like you give everything to your role, and you struggle to switch off at night time and slow down when you are away from work.
4) You feel like you have to look after everyone around you that you cannot prioritise yourself.

Programme Overview

Before the programme starts each participant will complete a 1-1 chemistry session to understand programme and ensure that it is a match for your needs (30 minutes)
Each of the monthly sessions will have a theme with a talk and lots of suggestions for activities to try based on the science of positive psychology as well as the group coaching sessions and will last 2 hours.
Session 1= Intro to Positive Psychology, wellbeing and goals.
Session 2= Career Progression
Session 3= Work life balance and switching off
Session 4 = Impact and managing change
Session 5= Dealing with imposter syndrome
Session 6= Finding the HERO within you to build resilience for the future
Also included: * 1-1 coaching session (1 hour) during the programme, access to private groups for support between sessions and a coaching journal to record your learning.
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    Time To Thrive

    Time to Thrive, Career Transition Group Coaching Programme

    (Door’s currently closed and will reopen in the spring)
    A 6 week group coaching programme designed for those looking for support and accountability whilst they undertake a career transition.

    Each session will not only include a group coaching session but also an informative session with practical activities to support the career transition journey.

    Each participant will also receive:
    – Journal for keeping all their learning and reflections together
    – Habit tracker for implementing new habits
    – Direct support from me for the duration of the programme.
    – Dedicated channel for supporting each other
    – Worksheets with lots of practical activities to try between sessions

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