I support individuals, through 1-1 coaching to find the clarity, direction and goals that they need to flourish in their careers and life.

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My journey

My path to career transition and life coaching:

I am a mum to 2 girls age seven and four and in  early 2020 I found myself in a place where I felt like I was a treadmill I was working really hard, but going no where and I didn’t have the time to get off and think about my direction.  I had a good permanent full time job in Human Resources,  but I was only ‘living’ at the weekend and during my 25 days annual leave a year.  The Pandemic happened and working from home gave me two hours back a day that allowed me to do some much needed reflection.

I realised I was in a place whereby I had lost sight of my goals, direction, and my purpose. I decided to invest in myself, I booked some coaching sessions and using Positive Psychology interventions, I found the clarity I needed about my direction and the future vision I had for myself.

In the middle of the pandemic, I found my courage to leave a job that I had been in for 11 years, beginning a journey that changed my life.  I returned to education to complete my masters and started my own career and life coaching business.

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Career transition and life coaching

Firstly, I offer a free 1-1 introductory session via zoom or in person to understand where you are, what you are hoping to get or feel from working with a coach. Initially the answer may be that you don’t know what you are looking for, but you just know something needs to change, if this is the case we can figure it out together.

1-1 Career transition and Life Coaching Sessions

I offer 1-1 sessions to work specifically on a career related goal or intention that you have in mind.  You might be full of self doubt or feeling stuck – again all areas that I can support you on.

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Discover, Dream, Design Programme

This career and life coaching programme based on the science of positive psychology can be run over 6 or 12 weeks depending on your needs and is ideal for those of you who are looking to make lasting changes within your career or life.

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